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Get Your Mountain Biking Fix In The Middle Of Town

02/26/2021 /  Audrey Harton - Public Relations Specialist

Looking for a new adventure in Rock Springs Wyoming? Check out a new mountain bike path to be built near Western Wyoming Community College Summer 2021.

Get to Know the Cutthroat Trout

02/24/2021 /  Mark Rembacz - Fly Fishing Instructor

If you’re fishing Wyoming waters, you may well meet our lone native trout species.

Catch & Release - The History

02/16/2021 /  Mark Rembacz

Anyone who’s ever spent time with a fly fisherman has probably heard something about ‘catch & release’. Most people intuitively know what the term means, but what’s often less clear is the motives behind the practice and the proper way to...


Visit Western Wyoming Community College!

Our campus is nestled at the foot of White Mountain in the middle of the Red Desert and supports over 4,000 students a year. Western houses the natural history museum, art gallery, library, theater, fitness facilities, game room, and pool, all under one roof. Take a guided or self-guided tour!